See what our valued clients have to say about their Alula adventures!

Cerulean Warbler

“I have gone on nature walks with John Turner and Eileen Teel for several years now and have enjoyed them greatly. John has an encyclopedic knowledge of trees, wild flowers, weeds, marshes, bogs, to say nothing of birds.  Eileen arranges all the necessities — food, cars, and on longer trips, restaurants and motels. They are very easy to be with and we always get a good hike in.  It is a great way to learn about Long Island and beyond.” Ellen Kornhauser, Port Jefferson

“I highly recommend birding with Alula Birding and Natural History Tours! Thus far, I have gone on three of the local Long Island hotspot trips. Birding with Alula is great fun, an enjoyable learning experience, and a chance to share a common interest with fellow birders and lovers of nature. John and Eileen are very knowledgeable and interesting leaders. They patiently help you to identify birds by their songs and calls and by distinguishing marks. You are treated to information about the visual differences between male, female and first-year birds, and about the habitat and behaviors of the species. And you will hear all kinds of interesting facts about the local plants and animals as well. Each trip is a great adventure!  Can’t wait for the next one!”  Patrice Domeischel

“John Turner is one of the most knowledgeable natural history guides I have encountered.  He knows all of the flora and fauna and interesting little facts about them. He will take you to little known but special places on Long Island and longer trips to incredible places like Magee Marsh in Ohio to see the warbler migration or New Jersey to see shorebirds. He and his sidekick Eileen Teel who is also an expert in natural history guarantee a great trip.  Both of them are patient, fun to be with and will get you on the birds.” Sandra Reynolds


“I have been going on birding trips with John and Eileen for many years now. They are not only extremely knowledgable but great fun to travel with. They make sure everyone sees the birds and when there aren’t any birds they point out other wonderful things in the natural world (plants, animals, trees …). They make everything interesting … And lots of fun at the same time!”  Dianne Taggart


“It’s been my pleasure to take part in several Alula day trips and I’ve enjoyed them immensely. I’m only a novice when it comes to bird watching, but there is something for everyone on each trip. John and Eileen have a deep knowledge of flora and fauna on Long Island. And they’re terrific teachers, generous with information and eager for everyone to have the best possible experience. A real feeling of camaraderie develops in the group. The trips are wonderful.”  Jackie Day

Sandhill Cranes

“So many thanks for arranging for a marvelous trip. The cranes were all that one could possibly have expected and more. I know I learned a great deal and my eyes have been opened again to a world that has been narrowed by our electronic dependence. Your planning, driving and trained eyes were superior, while we also gained the benefit of your expertise. With warmest appreciation.”   Ann

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